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Competency Area 9: Conservation Planning AEM


  • To keep water safe for agricultural, ecological, and human use, there are a multitude of federal, state, and local regulatory agencies. They provide resources, training, and some funding to improve the safety and reduce pollution potential of any pollution source.
  • In particular, the USDA-NRCS has developed a 9-step planning process featuring collection and analysis of information (i.e. assessing the situation), decision making and support (i.e. deciding what to do), and application and evaluation (i.e., putting the system into place and observing the success). The NRCS also provides forms and information to assist planners and farmers in making wise decisions, implementing them properly, and recording what they have done.
  • While best management practices are always encouraged, farms of certain sizes and animal densities (CAFOs) are mandated to follow certain federal and state regulations.