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Competency Area 6: Watershed hydrology AEM


  • Watersheds are areas of land used to catch and redistribute water, and maintain ecological diversity and health at the location. The water inputs, storage capacity, and release of water are influenced by the geography, storms, vegetation, and other factors. Watershed issues include runoff (particularly of pollutants) and flooding. Tools like the hydrograph and pollutograph are used to visualize the flow of water or pollutants in these systems.
  • Aquifers are water storage areas partially or completely encased underground. The effects of well-drilling and pollution of aquifers is an important issue.
  • Hydrologically-sensitive areas are those at risk of contamination, based on their locations and factors like proximity to pollutant sources. Watershed protection is based on a multiple-barrier concept that seeks to reduce pollution through reduction of the pollutant source and careful management of remaining pollutants.

For an animated example of how a watershed works control click on: