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Competency Area 7: Non-point source pollution AEM

PO 74. Understand the concept of Best Management Practices for NPS pollution control.

Best management practices (BMP's) are structural, nonstructural, and managerial techniques recognized to be the most effective and practical means to reduce surface and groundwater contamination while still allowing the productive use of resources. It's important to note that a BMP may not always be the best available technology (BAT) for containing, treating, or reducing a pollutant from water, because the BAT may be impractical and prohibitively expensive. For example, boiling water may be the BAT for reducing pathogens in water, but it's not likely to be a BMP for addressing pathogens in surface runoff from agricultural lands. By definition, a BMP also would not be one that restricts or prohibits the productive use of resources.

cows 5.jpg

A concrete crossing area over a stream prevents cattle from getting into and contaminating the water.

Photo courtesy of NRCS