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Competency Area 8: Protecting Humans from Pesticide Exposure

PO 58. Describe safe storage of pesticides.

Choosing the Best Site
Whether you choose a site to build a new storage area or use existing buildings, you need to consider several points. The site should be in an area where flooding is unlikely. It should be downwind and downhill from sensitive areas such as houses, ponds, and play areas. There should be no chance that runoff or drainage from the site could contaminate surface or groundwater. Sites should be selected so that the soil, geologic, and hydrologic characteristics will not lead to contamination of any water systems through runoff or percolation.

Setting Up the Storage Area
Pesticides should be stored in a cool, dry, airy room or building which is fire proof. Fans are an important feature of any pesticide storage building. A properly installed ventilation system should have a switch outside, so that the fan can be turned on before anyone enters the facility. The storage area should be fenced in or at least able to be locked tightly. Weatherproof warning signs should be hung over every door and window.