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Competency Area 2: Weed Management

PO 12.Demonstrate the ability to identify the following weeds by common name in seedling and mature stages, and be able to classify each life cycle and growth habit.


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A. Velvetleaf - Summer annual
B. Barnyardgrass - Summer annual  
C. Pigweed, redroot/smooth - Summer annual  
D. Large crabgrass - Summer annual  
E. Common ragweed- Summer annual
F. Giant foxtail - Summer annual  
G. Wild mustard - Summer annual  
H. Green foxtail - Summer annual  

I. Common Lambsquarters - Summer annual


J. Yellow foxtail - Summer annual


K. Hairy galinsoga - Summer annual


L. Fall panicum - Summer annual


M. Eastern black nightshade - Summer annual


N. Quackgrass - Perennial


O. Corn chamomile  - Winter annual

P. Wirestem muhly - Perennial


Q. Common burdock  - Biennial


R. Johnsongrass - Perennial


S. Bull thistle - Biennial


T. Yellow nutsedge - Perennial


U. Horsenettle - Perennial


V. Hedge bindweed - Perennial


W. Canada thistle - Perennial


X.  Purple deadnettle - Winter annual


Y. Shepherd’s-purse  - Winter annual