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Competency Area 6: Nutrient Management and Planning

PO 58. Describe the impacts of the following practices on the P index score of a field.

  1. Manure application rate
  2. Manure application method
  3. Manure application timing
  4. Manure application relative to streams
  5. Soil conservation

A greater application rate increases the P index score, as there is more P that can potentially saturate the soil surface and be lost.  Incorporation of manure reduces the P index score.  Application in summer is less risky (lower score) than in early spring, as the soil is warmer and not as subject to runoff.  Applying manure close to streams carries greater risk (higher score), as there is an increased likelihood that runoff will get into the stream.  Last, reducing erosion through soil conservation practices will reduce the P index score.